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Tutors should not blog

Why Tutors should not Blog

I know, that from me, a blogger who started as a language coach back in the days. But that’s the point: been there, done that. If you ask me today as a tutor whether you should start a blog I’d say no. No because I know that you don’t want to blog because you want to keep an open diary of your ideas and experiences but because you want to market yourself and your classes.

If the latter is the case do yourself a favor and focus on strategies that will get you to your actual goal of selling lessons more quickly.

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Dragon Pearl Jasmin

Content Lessons from Drinking Tea

Something weird has happened to me. Along the lines of never say never I am slowly but surely turning from a hard core coffee drinker into a tea aficionado. In fact, tea already cut down my coffee consumption per day by at least 50%. And that in less than a month!

How could this possibly happen? It is all about quality, like many (most) things in life and I think we can learn some lessons for content creation here.

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KWestions Ep. 25 with William Mougayar of Eqentia – What is Curation?

As we increasingly discuss whether content itself is still what matters or if it wasn’t really context that does, I have been looking deeper into curation and its opportunities in an educational context over the past few months.

Out of that motivation I want to share this KWestions with William Mougayar today. He is the founder Eqentia, a company that built a semantic search platform for web content publishers around key features like data mining, real-time aggregation and advanced curation. As each Equentia site, public or private in the case of many companies, is being curated by one or several experts on a topic and highly customizable, the results go deeper and are in that sense more accurate or relevant if you will than the normal search results google can provide.

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Three Reasons Why You Should Start Creating Content Today

Content is King. I think you heard this wisdom sometime, somewhere already. Maybe even on this blog.

Content is King for many reasons but today we will take a look at the three top reasons why you as an online teacher should start creating content right now, well, after reading this post hopefully.

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Content is King and always will be. The Web is just Distribution.

This is a quote from Lauren Feldman an artist who is famous for his videos with puppets of tech and web 2.0 celebrities like Steve Balmer, Loic Lemur and Michael Arrington.

Lauren recently decided to switch his blog and hence most of his content to a subscription model charging his subscribers $5 USD (a fancy coffee) per month. So basically you can say that Lauren pulled the Murdoch and apparently after some long discussions with people who cannot afford this price people start to sign up.

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A new Life for old Content – Thoughts on Syndication Part 1

Imagine you sold a product for decades and decades and it sold really well, and I mean brilliantly. Imagine you wake up one morning and suddenly no one seems to care about your product anymore.

In the past couple of months we saw this on the publishing market. Newspapers and Magazines are closing because blogs and Twitter stole their show.

Encyclopedias are discontinued after over 100 years because no one is buying them anymore. Even the new kid on the block, the CD or DVD version is discontinued because no one can compete with  internet based versions or Wikipedia.

The state of California is switching to e-books in its schools. First reason they are cheaper and the Governator needs every cent but honestly, if you see the growing demand of e-readers like the Amazon Kindle it is only a question of time when other states will follow suit. And remember, Bill Gates is still working on his dream of the tablet PC.

I guess, if you are in that industry you saw the impacts coming nearer every day. So what could they do? Some chose the way to publish audio books which is quite a strong market in Germany these days. Others are publishing on the Kindle there is even a project where you will be able to design a custom printed newspaper just for you.

But what about the huge market of education material publishers? Well, it seems as if they found out a great way to save themselves: content syndication.

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Content not Faces?

I recently started a new video lesson series for my free Deutsch Happen project. It’s about the most often used verbs in German and I conjugate them in four different cases.

The interesting part for me is that

  • those videos receive more views than my older videos
  • those videos get more comments, too

So I wonder if I still should do videos where you can see me or will I change my video concept completety… is it just about content and not about faces?

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