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busuu and PONS announce partnership

Today the language learning community busuu.com and the renown German publisher PONS announced a partnership forming the third collaboration between an online community and a classic publisher after Livemocha / Pearson and Babbel / Hueber / Collins.

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busuu.com won a Silver Lion in Cannes!

When I opened my feed reader today I was astonished to read the following news: busuu.com won a Silver Lion in Cannes.

What? Are they doing independent movies these days, did I miss something? But then I realized they won it for their famous marketing campaign for the Silbo Gomero.

I did not even knew what an impact it made in the news not only in Spain but also in other european countries like Germany and France. A very good example for a clever start up marketing strategy. Looking forward to meet Bernhard in London for the TechCrunch Awards and to have a cocktail on his Silver Lion!

New Busuu Flashcard Widget

Ok, today I will try something new. During the development of the workshops and courses for the E-Teachers Academy I got into screen casts as a very nice method to show people directly on their screen what I want to teach them.

So this is the first screencast for my blog. It’s about the new widget from busuu.com that will deliver a set of flashcards every day to your blog.

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New features on busuu.com

busuu.com offers two brand new features to their students. One is the busuu-energy that you can send to your friends, the other one is a personalized learning progess report.

Both features are made to support the students in their language learning. Everyone who learns a language comes sooner or later at a point were the enthusiam of the first steps is gone away. busuu.com wants to help you to get over that gap.

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busuu.com Co-Founder selected as Entrepreneur of the Year

The busuu.com Co-Founder Bernhard Niesner has been selected as WU Alumni Entrepreneur of the Year 2008 by the Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien.

The Award is organized by the University of Economics & Business of Vienna, Austria, the EU’s largest educational institution for business and economics, business law, and social sciences, with about 20,000 students.

Although being a little late (there is really too much going on in education right now!) I want to take the chance to congratulate Bernhard and the team of busuu.com for this award. As the interview in the Alumni News is in German I would also give my readers a brief overview of the content.

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In the Spotlight: busuu.com The Language Learning Community


Website: www.busuu.com
Online since: May 2008
Offer: Language Learning Platform with Community. Free and Paid Premium Services.

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