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review:ed Episode #3.4 – How important is (live) video in online education?

We started this part with the recent fundings of the “This Week in” network of Jason Calacanis which secured $300k from Calacanis himself plus Matt Coffin and Sky Dayton. The video platform blip.tv secured $10.1 million.

This lead us to the question of the importance of (live) video content in general and of course in online education in specific.

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YouTube lets you unlist your Videos

This is a very interesting new feature coming from YouTube. It’s basically just a little change in the privacy settings. Before that you had the choice between sharing your video with the world or with up to 25 people of your choice. So, basically the choice between on and off.

With the new option you can share your video with as many people as you like but choose to not publicly display it on YouTube. I think this could be quite interesting for edupreneurs.

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