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R:ED May 1st to May 7th 2011

Bill Gates Takes On Education’s Biggest Bureaucratic Beast With Video Games – “As states scramble to understand new educational standards, Gates eyes an opening for video games.” Fast Company

YouTube To Go Beyond Cat Videos By Training a New Class of Vloggers – “YouTube has just announced which members will be inducted into YouTube NextUp and the YouTube Creator Institute, efforts by the video-sharing site to add even more polish to its content.” Mashable

Why College Is Not A Bubble (Except For The University Of Phoenix) – “[…] in reality, demand for an American-style college education, and the long-term value of said degree, is unlikely to decline any time soon.” Fast Company

Openmargin Lets The World See Your Book-Margin Scribbles – “A public digital forum in every book is the Dutch startup Openmargin’s aim. It even thinks it can make money at it.” Fast Company

Study: Kindles Aren’t Quite All That With The Kids On Campus – “Researchers at the University of Washington have found that, while useful, Kindles (specifically that larger Kindles DX) aren’t all that popular with students – yet.” CrunchGear

Grovo: Video Training Platform Grabs Funding To Help Startups Educate Their Users – “Grovo positioned itself as an online education and training platform to enable Web users to find and learn how to use the Web’s most-frequented sites (and vice versa) — beginning with sites like Twitter, Mint, and Amazon.” TechCrunch

Responsibly Matches Your Gifting With A Donation To Education – “responsibly allows you to choose the specific education project you’d like to donate to, and 50% of the original proceeds of every gift purchased will go to the school, matched by another 50% of corporate sponsorship via Donor’s Choose.” TechCrunch

TV Ownership Drops for the First Time Since 1992 [REPORT] – “In a report released Tuesday, Nielsen estimated the number of U.S. households with TVs to be 114.7 million, down from 115.9 million in 2010 — a decline to 96.7% from 98.9%.” Mashable

Mapping the New Age of Augmented Travel – “Ever wanted to travel back in time to your favorite city and imagine how it actually existed hundreds of years ago? Or hear the stories of a city’s residents in their own words while going for a stroll through historical neighborhoods?” Big Think

P2P Learning Startup Skillshare Gets $550,000 From Founder Collective and SV Angel – “Skillshare is a community where people can offer classes to other members. People sign up online, and meet in person for real classes for everything from how to bake cupcakes to how to get startup funding.” TechCrunch

The University Has No Clothes – “The notion that a college degree is essentially worthless has become one of the year’s most fashionable ideas, with two prominent venture capitalists (Cornell ’89 and Stanford ’89, by the way) leading the charge.” New York Magazine

R:ED March 20th to April 2nd 2011

Thinking Cap: “Mynd” Is the First Dry, iPhone-Compatible, Portable Brain Scanner – Fascinating device that is build for people in wheelchairs, enabling them to control those wheelchairs with thoughts.

How the Web Has Changed Our Perception of Copyright Law – Thoughts on outdated copyright laws that don’t match the realities of an open Internet anymore.

Engineering vs. Liberal Arts: Who’s Right—Bill or Steve? – What subjects should students major in to become successful tech entrepreneurs?

What Bill Gates Could Learn from Chris Rock – “… while investment in STEM is critical, it alone neglects the development of the types of skills that actually lead to discovery, creativity, and innovation.”

PrepMe’s Coursification Offers A Personalized Online Learning Platform – “What differentiates Coursification from other course management and online learning platforms is that it helps teachers offer a tailored, personalized curriculum to each student based on their performance and learning schedule.”

Skype In The Classroom: An International Social Network For Teachers – “Skype launched a free international community site dubbed Skype in the Classroom, an online platform designed to help teachers find each other and relevant projects according to search criteria such as the age groups they teach, location and subjects of interest.”

Disrupt Winner Qwiki Raises, Like, $1 Million From Groupon Co-Founders – “What makes Qwiki so compelling is its ability to generate media on the fly that combines text, audio, and animated photos. It presents information in a highly visual way, assembling photos and spoken text from Wikipedia and other sources to create visual guides to millions of topics.”

Green Goose Tracks Whether Your Kids Are Doing Their Chores – “Green Goose’s sensor kit will let kids and parents add location-aware data sensors to frisbees, toothbrushes, the family dog… pretty much anything.”

R:ED October 10th to October 16th

  1. Gates Foundation Announces $20 Million Fund to Improve Education with Tech
  2. Bill Gates talks education tech
  3. Is Mobile Video Chat Ready for Business Use?
  4. Ning Everywhere Debuts With Third-Party Extensions, Mobile Apps And More
  5. Facebook to Update Commenting Plugin with Votes and More [REPORT]
  6. The Video Phone Comes Of Age: One Fifth Of American Adults Have Made A Video Call
  7. Prep for the SATs with iPad and iPhone Video Game
  8. Marvell Giving $100K to Education App Developers
  9. Skype Gets Serious Facebook Integration
  10. Updated Yahoo! Messenger for iOS brings cross-platform video calling
  11. HOW TO: Accept Credit Card Payments on Mobile Devices
  12. TED Brings “Ideas Worth Spreading” to the iPad
  13. Among Gen-Y, the Facebook Backlash Has Arrived
  14. For Millennials, Brands May Be as Important as Religion, Ethnicity
  15. Government pulls plug on Teachers TV
  16. StudyBlue Raises $3.6 Million For College-Focused Studying Platform
  17. E-book Sales Up 193% So Far This Year
  18. Skype’s VP Of Enterprise On Future Strategy, Products And Competitors
  19. Making Math Lessons as Easy as 1, Pause, 2, Pause …

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announces $20 Million Fund for Online Education

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will found projects and startups in online education, especially in the online course sector, with grants ranging from $250k to $750k each. The fund will have a total volume of $20 million USD and focus on the postsecondary sector.

There will be a second fund focusing on K-12 education next year. This could be a big chance for startups in online education that did not receive funding yet because their product was seen as too conservative for classic angels and investors.

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Predictions of Bill Gates: Information at Your Fingertips 2005

“Five years from now on the web for free you’ll be able to find the best lectures in the world” – Bill Gates

If I take a look at today’s tweets of people involved in online education, this sentence has been retweeted by basically everyone.

In case you are not familiar with Bill Gates and his “predictions” you should take a look at the video below. It’s one of his famous keynote speeches, in this case “Information at your Fingertips 2005”.

I bet a guy in a black turtle neck took some notes back then – in 1994.

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Bill Gates and Marco Masoni on Online Education – Why We Need a Learning Graph

Yesterday two interesting articles dealing with online education were published on Mashable and TechCrunch.

The one on Mashable is written by Marco Masoni, Founder of Einztein which is an online portal for finding the best courses and video lectures on a certain topic and the one on TechCrunch is a recap of an interview with Bill Gates at the Techonomy conference.

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