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Monday RoundUp

MRU: Video in Education, Tablets in Education, Value your Education


YouTube launched a dedicated channel for teachers. Here educators can find and share videos with best practice tips, classroom activities and so on.

sofatutor, a Berlin-based startup in the online video tutoring space relaunched its website and opened its own production studio.

The science and researcher platform Mendeley in partnership with PLoS invited developers to create apps that make science more open.

The domain Languages.com is up for sale. Perfect fit for language or translation business?

Rosetta Stone launches new Experience Kiosks in malls across the US. Visitors can actively interact with students and Studio Coaches.

“This is not a dream, this is reality” India’s $35 USD tablet will ship on October 5th.

My thoughts on the results of the babbel survey about learning types and having a plan for learning a language.

Teacher resource site BetterLesson raised $1.6 million. A growing market?

ShowMe added some new features to its platform, making it easier to browse the video lessons.

Project WissensWerte is civic education for the YouTube generation and something I’m planning on writing more about in the coming weeks.


Thanks to Google you can read the famous Dead Sea Scrolls online.

Popplet is a new and easy to use brainstorming and mindmapping platform.

Teagueduino lets you build small, computer controlled machines and teaches you essentials in coding.

Wacom introduced three new Bamboo tablets which are great for interactive whiteboards.

The dream of every IT admin who needs to prepare multiple iPads in school or in a company: Griffin MultiDock.

Big Think

Thoughts on the launch of the Kindle Fire and its potential in the classroom.

Why digital media is competing with the information learned in school and how this can be used to flip the classroom.


Value your Education – my interview with Lexiophiles about what makes a good teacher and the future of education.

After Hours

Last but not least, my 10 minute video recap of all the stories that did not make it on EDUKWEST in form of a blog post.

R:ED April 24th to April 30th 2011

Fidelis College Raises Money to Actually Support Our Troops – “At a basic level, it will help active duty soldiers get a headstart on college educations.” TechCrunch

Facebook Launches ‘Send’ Button For More Selective Sharing, Announces 50 Million ‘Groups’ – “Click on a webpage that has the Send button integrated, and you’ll be prompted to share it with any of your Facebook Groups, your Facebook friends, or any standard email address.” TechCrunch

Pearson buys education tech firm Schoolnet for £140m – “Schoolnet’s online learning systems are used by five million students, who attend schools in a third of the largest cities in the US. The company also provides assessment and curriculum systems.” Computer World UK

CampusLive Raises $3.1 Million To Help Brands Connect With College Students – “CampusLive is all about showcasing special offers to students to help brands increase awareness and engagement.” TechCrunch

How Schools Can Use Facebook to Build an Online Community – “Here are some ways that schools can benefit from establishing an effective Facebook presence.” Mashable

Talk to Your Computer: Chrome Listens and Translates (Through HTML) – “[…] you can talk into your computer’s microphone, and your recorded audio will be translated to text and typed out for you.” ReadWriteWeb

Gates Invests in Online Classrooms, Educational Video Games – “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation said Wednesday said that it had invested $20 million into online learning, with about a third of it going toward educational video games and game tools.” PCMAG.COM

Teachers’ social network BetterLesson lands $1M – “The company is focused on developing a web-based application intended to help educators network and share resources and ideas.” Mass High Tech

Chandler University gets OK to award certificates, degrees – “The school offers certificates in areas such as digital marketing, bachelor’s degrees in construction management and technology and business administration and master’s degrees in business administration in construction management, as well as construction technology.” msnbc.com