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Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation No More – Rapid Online Translation is Taking Over

Lost in TranslationAs you might have noticed, I did not write a post yesterday though the goal was to write one article a day. Well, I think I have kind of an excuse: I had a slipped disk and did not really feel to do anything that day. Luckily acupuncture and some herbal infusions brought me back to (almost) normal life which means you get a new post today!

Before I get back to talking about the future of making a living as an online teacher, I have two interesting items on the agenda I would like to write about. The first one is the rise of online translation services.

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Kirstradamus: Babelverse brings Personal Interpreters

I know, I predicted that kind of business model somewhere before, either in one of my posts or in a comment. It was definitely in the discussion string about “Google Translate: The End of the Road for Interpreters?” which then left this blog to Skype, email, Twitter and also got a spin off in my post about the “24/7 Teacher Cloud or the Learning Help Desk“.

Anyway, somewhere along the line I predicted that someone will sooner or later offer a cloud based service with personal interpreters I could simply call via my mobile phone instead of using the Google Translate Conversation Mode. Something similar to the Premium Fan Page model which lets me choose whether I want to have a machine translated version of my website or prefer a translation done by a professional interpreter.

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