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Number of the Week

Number of the Week: 11,143,333

Number of the WeekSunday is always a great day for me as it’s probably the day when I have the most time to consume media and educate myself reading all the relevant blogs I love but also write one or the other piece myself.

Today, I thought it would be fun to start a new weekly series in which I share an interesting number in online education each Sunday. Based on that definition, I call it my number of the week.

For this week, Dec 12 to 18, my number is 11,143,333 and although it comes from an education startup, it reached me in the most classic way – per snail mail.

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Social Media Monitoring at Zero Costs

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Dr. Andreas Schroeter, co-founder of the bab.la language portal. Prior to starting bab.la in 2007 he worked for the media companies Bertelsmann and Axel Springer.

Let’s get straight to the point: Do you know what your customer / client / user / fan / friend / foe says about your company? The true answer is no. After all, how can you? Most users do not talk to you directly but about you with their friends, readers, listeners, watchers and so on. It’s nice to get an email directly from a user but also very unlikely. We at bab.la get a good handful per week, many of them being spam or just simple questions about one of our products. Real feedback and an understanding of what your user thinks is rarely done via email. But listening to your users is probably the best strategy to get valuable feedback you would otherwise pay for in focus groups or pay for by developing something no one wants.

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Babylon Version 9 launches Live Translation Community

This is truly an exciting week for education 2.0. After yesterday’s launch of Mahalo 4.0 which takes on the asynchronous video learning market which an additional live Q&A community part, another well known player entered the field of language learning communities today.

Babylon, the software based dictionary that launched in 1997, is now offering an online community for linguists in its newest version 9 release. The company also teamed up with Ginger Software, a contextual spell and grammar checker.

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Excerpt EDUKWEST #45 with Andreas Schroeter of bab.la

This is a small snippet of my latest EDUKWEST interview with Andreas Schroeter, one of the co-founders of bab.la.

bab.la in a German startup based in Hamburg. The product is built around an online dictionary but it offers a ton of additional features like flashcards, games, a community, embeddable widgets for blogs or websites and various iPhone applications.

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