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Mental Bandwidth

The Battle for Attention and Mental Bandwidth

Time. The scarcest and most valued resource we have in a society that quickly shifts into an always on, always connected stage of existence. Yet, a growing group of services is trying to get our attention, may it be for just a couple of minutes or even seconds.

Time. The one thing we cannot scale or elongate. Sure, we can try to getup earlier and go later to bed. We can stay connected on our commute, at the dinner table or at the party. But there is still a natural limit. 24 hours are the maximum of time we can allocate.

And every minute you allocate to a task won’t be available for another one. Sure, you can “multitask” and catch up with the latest news via radio while taking a shower, brushing your teeth or having breakfast. But there is only so much you can do in a minute.

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Virtual Classroom vs Skype / VoIP only – Round #4 #5 #6

4) Greater availability
Some countries ban Skype (i.e. UAE), some learners prefer MSN or Yahoo and many companies do not allow Skype for security reasons.
(Giselle Santos, AmericanTeacher, Heike Philp)

5) Conferences
Conference like the ETCon would not have been possible on Skype.

6) Plan B as in ‘back-up’
Internet communication technology is fragile and it is advised to always have two of everything. So, it is good to use MSN AND Skype or Skype AND Virtual Classroom. If one fails, one can use the other.
(Heike Philp)

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Virtual Classroom vs Skype / VoIP only – Round #2

2) More control
For better or for worse, in a virtual classroom the teacher has more control over what students look at and sees how they interact with their peers, the chat and with the learning material.
(Stephen Jones)

You can argue about this point from an academic and a for profit view, as you can basically for most points on the list. I will argue from the second point, of course.

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