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Apps replace Tutors

Apps replace Tutors at an Increasing Speed – Here is Why

2013 was quite an interesting year in the edtech space. Though still massively overshadowed by MOOC Mania there have been parallel trends that are worth noticing. One of them being the revival of online tutoring.

I will start the new year with a detailed look back on my career for all of my readers who don’t know me from the start. Five years of blogging are a good occasion for that, I’d say. Just so much for now: my journey into education technology started on the user-side as online language tutor. And right from the start we got into the discussion about the perceived value of tutors and therefore the monetary return they could expect.

With more and more tutors entering the global marketplace and software is eating the world, let’s ask ourselves what is the value of a tutor in 2014 and beyond.

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Why not Check in – for Education

As some of you might have read on Mashable this week, the fifteen year old Parker Liautaud has gone on a journey to the North Pole to unlock the “Last Degree” Foursquare Badge. He is accompanied by David Newman, an experienced Artic traveler and the whole trip is sponsored by General Electric. The main goal besides being the youngest man on the North Pole plus the first one to unlock the Last Degree Badge  is to raise attention on global warming.

I would not be suprised if someone else is going to try to unlock the badge before Parker. And then, who knows if the mobile phone can take the cold?

This whole thing got me thinking about people checking in everywhere and I bet there will be badges for the South Pole, the Mount Everest and the bottom of the Mariana Trench, soon. And don’t forget the first man on Mars.

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