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Apple iPad event October 22nd 2013

How Apple is going to rip off Microsoft on October 22nd

Art was one of my favorite subjects in school, especially the part where we had to interpret masterpieces and what the artist wanted to tell us through his/her art. Though I won’t call Apple invites artistic masterpieces, I have to admit that it’s quite some fun to decode their message prior to an event.

The latest invite is for the upcoming Apple iPad event on October 22nd. As far as I can tell this is going to be a shot aimed directly at Microsoft.

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iphone 5s fingerprint sensor

Apple iPhone 5S Event Invitation clearly indicates Fingerprint Sensor

Normally I don’t join the rumor mill before “major” tech events but interpreting art has always fascinated me. Pundits were quick to point out that the colors on the invitation indicated the new line of cheaper iPhone 5Cs. But none of the folks I follow apparently thought about why Apple chose “bubbles” as pattern.

To me it became obvious immediately that the bubbles represent the iPhone’s (and iPad’s) signature home button. And what is so important about it that you need to put it on the invite? The rumored iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor, of course.

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Monday Roundup: Delicious, Tungle.me and Square

In this week’s MRU we take a look at three of my favorite services, two of them got acquired and one got some serious traction.

Hence we will take a look at Delicious which was sold from Yahoo to the YouTube founders, Tungle.me got acquired by RIM and Square that got some love from Apple and Visa.

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R:ED April 17th to April 23rd 2011

Square’s Disruptive Payment Service About To Get A Huge Retail Boost From Apple – “Mobile payments company Square has landed a big coup—sales placement on Apple’s online store. […] Apple will start selling Square devices in all of its U.S. retail stores starting this week.” TechCrunch

Touchscreens For All? – “New technology could make smartphones the norm in the developing world, and might have a host of other applications yet to be imagined.” Fast Company

Babel or babble? – “Languages all have their roots in the same part of the world. But they are not as similar to each other as was once thought.” The Economist

What The Telephone’s Unbeatable Functionality Teaches Us About Innovation – “Single-mindedness is a virtue, both in products and in people.” Fast Co Design

MIT Creates The One Video Game You’ll Be Thrilled To See Your Kid Get Hooked On – “Over many years, after conducting many surveys, the NSF made an intriguing conclusion: A good deal of the public’s understanding of science derives from outside of the classroom.” Fast Company

Social Media Abstinence Education Is Not Working For Pre-Teens – “Banning kids from Facebook isn’t realistic. Is education the answer?” Fast Company

Page Sharing Service Bo.lt Lets You Copy, Edit And Share Almost Any Webpage – “Like a “Bit.ly on steroids,” the service lets you paste any URL into its copy engine or bookmarklet, creating a duplicate of the page on its servers.” TechCrunch

Weebly Launches Support For Multiple Editor Accounts – “[…] you’ll now be able to let other users edit your website (or portions of it), without handing over your main Weebly account credentials.” TechCrunch

Amazon Partnering With OverDrive To Bring Kindle Library Lending To 11,000 Libraries Across The US – “The company’s latest venture brings the power of the Kindle to public and educational libraries through a partnership with OverDrive.” CrunchGear

Google To Offer Chrome Notebook Subscriptions [REPORT] – “Google will be offering Chrome OS-based notebooks this summer on a subscription basis, charging between $10 and $20 per month per user.” Mashable

R:ED August 1st to August 7th 2010

  1. Knewton Brings On Ex-AOLer David Liu As COO
  2. It’s A WinWin, Grou.ps Launches Referral Program For Ning Exiles
  3. Echo Brings Comments To Your Homepage With Real-Time River
  4. Want A Retweet? Be Insightful, Or At Least Link To Someone Who Is
  5. Recurly Raises $1.6 Million To Help Companies Manage Subscription Billing
  6. Apple Is About to Own Your Face
  7. 11 Free Services for Scheduling Social Media Updates
  8. Pulse + Posterous = News Sharing Bliss
  9. How 12 CEOs & Founders are Leveraging Web Video
  10. Social IM Client Digsby Finally Gets Group Chat Support

review:ed #4.1 with Dave Schappell – iPhone 4, FaceTime and Skype

In the fourth episode of review:ed, the show where a changing guest and I talk about recent news in online education, tech and funding, Dave Schappell the Founder and CEO of TeachStreet made his second appearance.

In the first part of the show Dave and I talked about the recent launch of the iPhone 4 and of course FaceTime.

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Myngle is bigger than Apple and Facebook – according to Shop Commission

That is if you take into account that both Apple and Facebook are taking “only” a 30% cut for products sold on their platforms and Myngle is taking 40% for content sold by teachers on the Myngle Shop.

Normal reactions on taking 30% are moaning that it is quite a hefty chunk but saying on the other hand “Hey, it’s Apple and Facebook. They have a huge market share and offer me access to a huge potential client base so I will bite the bullet.”

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Pacman or why Google rules the Internet – and Apple never will

Today Google had another surprise for its users. When you open the www.google.com page you will see the Google logo in form of the good old Pacman game, celebrating its 30th birthday.

But that’s not all, it is not only a Doodle which Google has for various events, it’s the Pacman game and you can play it. If you click insert coin you can even play it with two people.

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