Sparkeo revamps Website and adds a Demo Video

You might remember Sparkeo, the video platform that aims to enable educators in the broadest sense to monetize on their video courses.

It seems as if the service is preparing to spread the word on the interwebs as it recently relaunched the website and added a small but interesting demo video of how the Sparkeo player is actually working.


Below you can watch the short demo video in the Sparkeo player.

The main idea of Sparkeo is to offer all features that a video course might need directly in the player so that the viewer does not need to leave the actual website where the video is embeded and hence might get lost on the way to the payment.

Of course, the viewer can see the course description and the bio of the educator. A nice feature is that the viewer can directly send a message to the educator through the Sparkeo player.

The first minute of the course can be previewed for free so I think it would make sense to give the viewers an overview of what they will learn during the lesson if they decide to buy your video course. Hence if you recycle old material you should put a one minute overview in front of your lesson.

After the first minute the viewer is asked to pay for the course at the fee you decided. Payment is also done directly through the player via PayPal.

The educator can separate the course into different chapters which can be browsed easily on the timeline or the index tab. Comments to the chapters can also be added by the educator but one of the best features is that the students can actually highlight the parts of the video that are most interesting to them and then add their own annotations.

As everything these days the video courses can be promoted through all known Social Media services and the player can be embeded on blogs and websites as you can see above.

According to the new website there is no limitation in the length of an uploaded video course and educators don’t have to pay for the hosting or other monthly fees. Sparkeo takes a 30% cut of the sales, that’s all.

You can also watch my EDUKWEST interview with Frederic Aknin, the Founder and CEO of Sparkeo to learn more about the service.

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  • Weave

    Ugh. This interests me a lot — but the example video above and the example course on their home page kept stuttering and buffering. They seem to have a bandwidth problem. I checked some youtube HD videos to ensure the problem isn't on my end.

  • Anonymous

     interesting platform