Soon on Myngle: Classes with up to five Students

Today Myngle announced that they will launch the possibility of class sessions on their platform. The feature will be available somewhere around the 2nd of march according to their announcement.

This makes Myngle the third provider of group lessons on the internet next to WiZiQ and eduFire.

Let’s have a closer look on the planed features:

  • Up to 5 students can book a group lesson of the same language and same level. They can click on the button “Join a group lesson now!“, choose among the available lessons and start learning!

Obviously Myngle plans to limit the participating students on a maximum of five. I think this is a good idea. From my experience in teaching off- and online this is about the right size for a class if you want to offer conversational parts in the lessons.
This brings us back to the “voice chat inside the classroom” problem. Myngle is using the dimdim classroom environment. I am using this classroom platform for my own lessons, too. From my experience a “real” conversation without delays, breakdowns etc is not possible even not in one-on-one. I don’t know how Myngle will solve this problem without allowing the use of Skype but maybe they will suprise me.
The “Join a group lesson now” sounds interesting but from the educational point of view a bit weird. How can someone join a class and have a positive learning experience when he may have missed the first couple of lessons? I made this experience on WiZiQ, when students join my free classes and don’t understand what I am talking about, simply because they missed the first two or three lessons and they don’t have the same knowledge like the other attendees.

  • A teacher can define his/her specific hours of availability for group lessons and set his/her group lesson price per student.  The teacher will be paid according to the number of students actually attending the lesson.

This is a nice feature. Having an extra schedule for your group lessons can be handy. I hope it is linked to the one-on-one schedule, though. Otherwise there might be double bookings.

  • Soon the “upcoming group lessons”  will also have a special visibility on Myngle.

Again, a nice feature. Similar to WiZiQ and eduFire for their free and paid classes.

Of course, Myngle is not reinventing the wheel with offering group lessons and promoting them on the main page of their website but I think Myngle has a big advantage to WiZiQ and eduFire: Myngle  already has paying students!

WiZiQ is famous for its free classes. I give one there every week on thursdays and even without promotion from my site the classes are always filled with around 10 to 15 students who are really keen on learning. Unfortunately WiZiQ has not yet the community of students who are willing or just being able to pay for the lessons.

eduFire is famous for its great community and the “Maybach” classroom (Adobe Live Connect). The problem is that the community is for a big part made of teachers who visit each other in their free sessions. There are some paid classes but most of them are empty, even for 5 USD.

I know, online education is still a fairly new thing but maybe the “Boost era” will now pay off for Myngle.

Myngle is mainly famous for its Boost. It brought many students to this platform willing to pay at least a fixed price for their lessons. Classes might be the solution to get those students to stay on the platform and to take lessons on a regular basis. I think more than the lately introduced lesson packages.

It definitely brings more choice to the platform and “Choice is good!” like Steve Jobs would say. Please take in consideration: this post is on the basis of an announcement! As soon as the feature itself will be online, I will give you an update, of course.