Rosetta Stone: 1st Company with a Facebook Customer Care Center

As Kay already mentioned in his #followfriday post yeserday, Rosetta Stone puts lots of effort in their customer care strategy. In fact they have a “Customer Success” Team that is basically there to give you a poke when it looks as if you have a low in your learning pace as we all have from time to time.

The new Customer Care Center on Facebook is powered by the Austrian company Parature and is seamlessly integrated with the “Facebook experience”.

According to the press release

Rosetta Stone TOTALe learners have their own customer success team providing live guidance and encouragement every step of the way. Whether it’s explaining the method, answering questions or just helping to schedule a Rosetta Studio™ session, success agents are committed to helping learners achieve their language goals. Parature Customer Service software supports Rosetta Stone and the company’s customer-centric environment via its multi-channel support offerings, including an integrated customer portal, chat, knowledgebase, ticket system, and now Parature for Facebook, so that customers can choose their preferred method of support.


“We are excited to have an integrated application that enables us to engage further with our learners in this popular social media channel,” said Jay Topper, senior vice president of customer success at Rosetta Stone. “We put incredible focus on our learners’ success; and providing a superior overall experience. This will encourage our learners to socialize with Rosetta Stone at any time, from anywhere, in multiple languages, and in a manner that fits in well with their communications style. Parature for Facebook is another strategic channel to help us accomplish this goal.”

Some weeks ago, I did a small survey amongst my Facebook friends about their experience with language learning software and interestingly most of them, even the younger ones, have used the Rosetta Stone software or still do. Therefore, adding Facebook to their overall strategy seems to be a really good idea.

Also, having a look at their Facebook page you can see that there is actually something going on and yes, the Rosetta Stone team is really engaging with the audience, offering help and advice. Same is true for Twitter.

And this is one reason why people are willing to pay the price. Rosetta Stone seems to really care about the success of their customers and they are guiding them along the way. You even have a six months money back guarantee for their products.

Those are very important points for someone who goes on the adventure of learning a language on his / her own. Learning a language needs discipline and often ends in frustration sooner or later. To have some kind of surveillance that steps in when things are getting tough can make a difference and get you over the hill top.

Interestingly, Duane Sider, Director of Learning at Rosetta Stone, and I were already discussing this feature in our interview last year.

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  • Nyawr Ming

    It’s about time they implent this.. 

  • Phillip Eastwood

    Wow, didn’t know Facebook had it. But they should, since they have millions of customers around the globe and the number continues to rise almost everyday. Customer service is really required for big companies for no one can make that communication easier than the representatives. The big bosses definitely cannot explain to each customer some details nor answer their inquiries directly.