review:ed Episode #3.5 – Do Ads interfere with Education?

Last topic on the list for this episode of review:ed was about VoIP. Skype launched a new 5 way video calling feature in beta which will later on become a paid premium feature. The other news about Skype is that the company is considering to display ads in its free service.

Second news item is the acquisition of GIPS by Google which leads to the rumor that Google is actually planning to launch a Skype competitor based on Google Talk, soon. But as Google’s products are all somehow based on ad revenue this service might display ads during calls, too.

Fifth Topic: Do ads interfere with teaching / learning?

Chris actually sees this as a big chance for services like WiZiQ, Sclipo, Udemy etc, so companies that are specialized on the needs of educators as he agrees that ads during lessons are not something you want. Another point is that if teachers need to pay for a service to get an ad free version they will start to think about which tool is actually the best to fit their needs.

Then Chris explains why he thinks that a virtual classroom is the better solution to VoIP only, referring to the post series on this blog and that a lot of the problems are not caused by the providers but by the telecoms and the low bandwidth.

At the end of this part we talk again about free services in education, the switch of Ning to premium and digital altruism.

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