review:ed Episode #3.3 – Facebook Privacy Issues Continued – Do we need to educate people on Privacy?

Facebook and the privacy. Sometimes I think you cannot keep up with all the “glitches” the social network number one (for the moment) has. After the recording of this episode the next one was revealed by the WSJ: Facebook sells your private data to advertisers like Doubleclick or Yahoo.

Hardly surprising if you ask me.

Third Topic: Facebook and the privacy issues. Do we need to educate people on privacy?

We started talking about the so called sleeping networks which might now have the chance to attack Facebook while it is weak and step ahead as an alternative based on better privacy. Chris argues that most of us are already pass that point where we outrage about privacy issues and takes Gmail as an example where people said that Google now would read all our emails. He points out that Facebook is in general targeting a younger audience which has a different approach to privacy than older people like Gen X have. Chris thinks we are entering a new definition of privacy.

I gave the example of credit card payments. 10 years ago basically no one would have given his/her credit card number to an online service like PayPal and today people are sharing what they bought with the world on services like Blippy.

Chris thinks that the market will regulate itself sooner or later. If people get the feeling that they get abused they will leave otherwise there is no reason for them. People just have to think about what they share and hence what legacy you want leave on the internet.

At the end I went on a little rant about online teachers, Skype and hacked accounts.

Yesterday my friend Andrew Warner of Mixergy went also on a little rant about Facebook privacy on Twitter. I think he actually made some good points:

Holy crap! Facebook gave your *name* and *age* to advertisers! Now what will you do?! (Oh wait. It’s not that big a deal. Re-freakin’-lax)

The “tech celebs” (who use Foursquare to check in @ the toilet and blippy to say where they bought it) are exaggerating their Facebook worry

What’s really happening is that the Facebook guys aren’t inviting the tech celebs to their parties, so they’re pissed (and jealous).

If you publicly complain about Facebook’s privacy, but put their “share” buttons all over your company’s site 4traffic, are you a hypocrite?

Facebook isn’t the privacy problem. The real invasion of your privacy: your friend with a cellphone camera OR with a blog OR with a mouth.

You can read the rest of his rant on Andrew Warner’s Twitter profile, of course.

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  • Andrew Warner

    Good point about credit cards. I remember when people preferred sending checks by mail to using credit cards online.

    Times change.

    • KirstenWinkler

      We still use a lot of checks here in France. If you buy something on eBay most seller want to get their check by mail :).

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