review:ed Episode #3.1 with Christopher Grant – Groupon CityDeal Deal Bad for European Start Ups?

First part of my review:ed talk with Christopher Grant, Senior Product Leader at You might know Chris from his EDUKWEST interview with me when he was still at Sclipo and of course from his presentation at the ETCon last year.

For your convenience I decided to publish the talk in six parts, so you can watch those that interest you the most or all in little chucks, depending on your time.

First topic: The Groupon / CityDeal deal and what it means for European start ups

The echo in the European start up scene was rather mixed. As it is already hard to get funding for your idea in Europe in general it is seen as contra productive to reward so called copy cats with an exit because this will lead investors to give their money to start ups that are also just cloning other successful companies in the US.

Chris says he won’t go as far as calling them copy cats but he sees that European companies are less risk taking and maybe also less innovative and he explains why he thinks that US start ups will sooner or later react on this by simply launching their product in multiple languages from the start.

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