review:ed Episode #1 with Dave Schappell

This is the first episode of a new weekly video series called review:ed. As the title says a weekly changing guest from online education and I will review the top news of the past week related to education and technology.

My guest in the first episode was Dave Schappell, Founder and CEO of TeachStreet.

Topics of review:ed Episode #1

the iPad – will it change the way we use media, learn etc?

Apple vs Adobe – influence on the free internet

Ning – the end of freemium?

Groupon – clone wars

Zinch – China as interesting market for education

Pearson – M&A strategy as exit for edtech start ups?

Again a big thank you to Dave for being my guest on the first episode. You should follow Dave on Twitter, read his great personal blog “No Snivelling” and check out his company TeachStreet.