review:ed #4.1 with Dave Schappell – iPhone 4, FaceTime and Skype

In the fourth episode of review:ed, the show where a changing guest and I talk about recent news in online education, tech and funding, Dave Schappell the Founder and CEO of TeachStreet made his second appearance.

In the first part of the show Dave and I talked about the recent launch of the iPhone 4 and of course FaceTime.

As I wrote recently on this blog: I will finally get an iPhone and the main reason for me is FaceTime. Dave will also switch on the new iPhone but he is not convinced that most people are ready to use video calling. He thinks that many people are still hesitant to record themselves or see themselves on the screen.

As Skype is the biggest player on the VoIP market Dave thinks that it will get on the iPhone 4 for sure and that Skype could be a competitor for companies like GoToMeeting.

At the end of this part we were talking about the random feature on Facebook where you can connect it to Skype to find your friends and the possible different use patterns of the VoIP services.

You can watch the whole episode of review:ed #4 with Dave Schappell on EDUKWEST or download review:ed on iTunes.