Review Open Angel Forum & Edurope London

As announced yesterday already the traveling continued almost seamlessly. Returned from Language learning and web 2.0 in Luxembourg, I was happy enough to spend a generous 36h period at home in Brittany before London was calling.

So it was basically nothing more than changing clothes and switching little Brittany for its grown up sister Britain.

I originally went over to support two educational startups I have been in contact and working together for some time now, Yoocasa from Paris and Scribblar from Britain. The big event was the Open Angel Forum (OAF) by Jason Calacanis who I am linked with over the TWiSTParis meetup event. But more about news on this front in a special TWiST dedicated post.

I am happy to announce that both made it on the OAF shortlist of 10 companies chosen out of 50 original applicants by Jason Krute, organiser of OAF London and Tyler Crowley, Director of Corporate Development and Strategy at Mahalo. That does not only mean online education is making its way into the market and becomes more attractive to investors but also that edupreneurs can build decent businesses.

Moreover, it was one of the nice opportunities when founders meet each other as well as like minded entrepreneurs also outside their domestic market. So I am not shy to admit that my role working as a connector in both education 2.0 and the startup scene worked out well.

Axel Cateland (Yoocasa) & Stefan Richter (Scribblar)

The two founders Stefan Richter and Axel Cateland got Jason’s feedback for their companies and the latter was invited for a breakfast with the Calacanis team and even more entrepreneurs, so there was some fruitful conversation going on. I took the chance to ask Axel Cateland for a quick interview on some impressions later that day.

As I was in London already, I took the chance to visit one of my favourite personas in online education, Shiv Rajendran. He and Jessica Driscoll, Product Development Manager at LanguageLab, took the time to show me around English City, the virtual city in Second Life where LanguageLab is offering highly interactive and engaging English lessons. You can watch the entire interview I had with Shiv and Jessica on EDUKWEST.

Dairo Vargas, Jessica Driscoll and Shiv Rajendran of LanguageLab

The next day though it was my own big day which means I was happy to meet both Jason Calacanis and Tyler Crowley for the first time in real life. Our meeting had two main focuses, one was naturally education 2.0 as you can easily imagine and an interview with Jason on this topic will follow suit shortly. On the other hand we discussed our plans for the TWiST meetups and how to leverage the European startup scene. I am happy to tell you all what we have come up with on the TWiSTParis page real soon. Exciting times!

Tyler Crowley & Jason Calacanis

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