Review: an Inspirational Evening on eduFire

logo-edufire1Last sunday was hosting the second eduConference under the headline “Turning Teachers into Rockstars”. This great and inspirational meeting was followed up by a very interesting and even a bit frightening presentation of Jon Bischke, CEO of who talked about “Connected Consumership“.

Me, Joe and Jon

Koichi of asked me on friday if I could hop in for a presentation as another presenter cancelled his appearance on the eduCon. As I am a quite spontaneous person, I said “count me in” and then started thinking. Not always the best order but I came up with a title for my presentation very quickly: “It’s a long way to the top, if you wanna Rock’n’Roll”.

In this presentation I described the possibilities and the hurdles on the way of becoming a teacher rockstar. According to the quietness in the text chat during my presentation and the positive comments afterwards, I think people liked it which makes me happy, of course.

Me, explaining how to become the teaching Bono ;)

Me, explaining how to become the teaching Bono ;)

The second presentation was held by Joseph Sunga of, a cool start-up based in Seattle, USA. is basically the virtual flyer you once received in your mail but much better, of course. Teachers can set up their own micro site on describing their services etc. The great thing is that the customers have the opportunity to rate their services (which brings us to the topic of “connected consumers” of Jon’s presentation later on).

Joeseph Sungs of

Joeseph Sungs of

Joe’s presentation was about “Empowering Teachers” so how to turn your hobby into a real business. He talked about how to be an expert, how to market yourself and how to grow your business.

I hope Joe and me were able to show the attendees a bit how to become a teaching rockstar. I had lots of fun and I am looking forward to the next eduCon on!

Here is the review of the eduConference of and

But, as I said, this was only the first part of an inspirational evening on After the eduCon Jon prepared a presentation on the connected consumer. It is a really interesting topic.

As I am not an expert yet, I will qoute Jon here:

One of the biggest shifts in modern society is the shift towards connected consumerism. What is connected consumerism? It’s when I buy something not because I see a mass market advertisement but rather because a friend or tastemaker mentions it. Tools like Twitter and Facebook amplify the effect of connected consumerism and this trend has intensified dramatically in the last couple of years.

The most shocking but also interesting point for me was to imagine a world without advertising. I’ll have to talk about this with Jon again, when I made up my mind about this.

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  • Koichi

    It was great to have you! Your presentation was top notch :)

  • China_Mike

    I suspect there will never be a world without advertising. Advertising people will figure out a way to get into the conversation somehow. They are very creative at doing this.

    The advertising world is trying to figure out ways to influence the influenciers, that relatively small group of people that have a very large impact on others. The advertisers realize that in the connected world it may not be possible to influence and persuade everyone through the mass media.

    In a world where there is a great need to influence and persuade, there will always be a role for influenciers and the persuaders. In the future however they (top level influenciers) may come in guises that are less recognizable, more subtle.

    Remember to be invisible, only suggests that you can’t be seen. It doesn’t mean that you have disappeared.