R:ED March 13th to March 19th 2011

  1. Ask a VC: Mike Maples Defends Digg’s Honor and the Kno (TCTV) – Some interesting insights on the Kno technology at the end of this interview.
  2. What Starbucks Taught Us About Redesigning College Campuses – What can we learn from Starbucks changing the way people drink coffee today and can it be applied to higher education?
  3. Communication: Students appreciate polyglot approach – How business students learn multiple languages to boost their chances of getting hired or to choose better jobs in foreign countries.
  4. Could an Apple Magazine Template in iOS Change the Industry? – Will a template for iPad magazines help publishers help to build better experiences and therefore increase sales?
  5. The Future of Reading Online Is Customization & Sharing, Not Tablets (Yet) – Interview on the future of reading on the web with Khoi Vinh, former design director for NYTimes.com at SXSW.
  6. 2tor Raises $32.5 Million Series C To Make Online Education Great – “One reason online education isn’t that good is I don’t think it is trying to be that good.” John Katzman, CEO 2tor
  7. What’s the point of learning a foreign language? – Interesting data on foreign language acquisition.
  8. Goodbye Wheelie Backpacks: Digital Textbooks Will Dominate Over Paper Ones Soon – The U.S. the education publishing market has is reaching a tipping point: Within seven years, digital textbooks will dominate over print.
  9. The 10 Most Innovative Companies in Education – from FastCompany
  10. Mint Founder Invests in Semantic Text Startup – TopicMarks extracts the most important information from any text which can help students to learn faster.
  11. College Students Aim to Build a Better Way to Manage Courses – Coursekit is a Facebook-like Learning Management System.
  12. Now Coming to Market: Sifteo Cubes Reinvent How We Play – Amazing technology, mix of building blocks meet the iPhone.