Plugg StartUps Rally 2010 – Review

Unfortunately the two online education start ups Sclipo and English Attack! which were on the shortlist of this year’s Plugg StartUps Rally did not make it in the final round.

Nevertheless you should watch their pitches in the videos below to get an idea of their products.

The Pitch of English Attack!

The Pitch of Sclipo (starting 6:50)

You should also check out the pitch of DatPresenter which I did not mention in my previous post but they also offer some really interesting use cases for online education. The main reason I did not mention them is their pricing structure which is quite high and hence more interesting for large scale clients.

Pitch of DatPresenter (starting 8:50)

The three finalists this year are Distimo, an appsore analytics tool, Inbox2, a tool that merges all your mail and social media accounts into one stream and, a virtual fitting room for online retailers.

  • Louis George Machlan

    Thanks K,

    I could never find these nuggets with my limited time and attention span. When will you start a daily radio show?

    • KirstenWinkler

      Hey George :). Actually I am working on something like this behind the curtains…