Pearson will Pay for your Ning – Or Posterous will Move it For Free

Good days for educators. Pearson is sponsoring educational Ning networks from July on. It’s only the Ning Mini package but hey, it’s all on Pearson’s tab.

And if you are still on the search for a free Ning alternative there is a second offer. Posterous will move your network for free to its platform.

Posterous, the easy-to-use posting platform is offering an easy-to-use switch. You can move your entire network including all the photos, videos and so on to the service without all the hassle.

And the best thing is that Posterous is doing all of this for free. Besides that Posterous made a little comparison chart what their platform is offering compared to Ning.

All of this is part of a 15 day marketing campaign of the platform. Everyday Posterous will focus on another service and will be trying to convince the users to make the switch. If you are not sure yet, you can also read some testimonials of people who already pushed the button. You will find the link is at the end of this post.

If of course you don’t want to switch at all and cannot afford the $19.95 per year (COME ON!) for your educational network then you can apply for a sponsorship from Pearson. This sponsored Ning Mini Network will have the same features like the regular Ning Mini which means you can also take part in the new revenue streams the platform is offering like selling schwag from CafePress or social games from HeyZapp or run their own ads. So basically you can get a sponsorship and then make a profit. Well…

According to TechCrunch there are about 6,500 K-12 and 2,100 Higher Ed social networks hosted on Ning and I think a good portion of them will apply for a sponsorship. Pearson closed a deal with Ning for the next three years so this is a pretty safe deal. The sponsored network will naturally be branded but you don’t need to fear giant Pearson banners at the top and sites of your network. The general “Ning hosted Network” link at the bottom will simply be  exchanged with “Ning hosted Network Sponsored By Pearson”.

From a SEO perspective this is of course some really nice backlinking for Pearson from relevant sites. Over 8,500 possible links is not bad at all and maybe a good investment. It is some good PR for sure.

Hence two great options for educators. Either switch to the upcoming star Posterous or get some sponsorship from Pearson. It’s Christmas in Summer :).

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