Number of the Week

Number of the Week: 11,143,333

Number of the WeekSunday is always a great day for me as it’s probably the day when I have the most time to consume media and educate myself reading all the relevant blogs I love but also write one or the other piece myself.

Today, I thought it would be fun to start a new weekly series in which I share an interesting number in online education each Sunday. Based on that definition, I call it my number of the week.

For this week, Dec 12 to 18, my number is 11,143,333 and although it comes from an education startup, it reached me in the most classic way – per snail mail.

11,143,333 is the number of visitors language portal welcomed on its website in a month!’s centerpiece is an online dictionary that translates in various different language combinations along with conjugation, test, quiz and more features, partly developed by the site’s users.

The success of having this many visitors per month didn’t come over night but is, of course, the result of several years of work which now pays off – congratulations to founder Dr. Andreas Schroeter and team!

So, if you’re into learning languages on the Internet, there is always the need to have a dictionary at hand – why not try out

For the next episodes of my number of the week you can also send in interesting numbers you stumbled upon (the source and a brief description would be preferable) and maybe I’ll pick yours! Simply, use my contact form to get in touch :)

  • Andreas Schroeter

    Thanks, Kirsten!

    • KirstenWinkler

      My pleasure, thanks for the nice surprise card! Happy New Year :)