New features on offers two brand new features to their students. One is the busuu-energy that you can send to your friends, the other one is a personalized learning progess report.

Both features are made to support the students in their language learning. Everyone who learns a language comes sooner or later at a point were the enthusiam of the first steps is gone away. wants to help you to get over that gap.

First new feature: the busuu-energy.

This feature can be used by the entire community to motivate friends or learning partners.

If someone you learn with did not show up for a while, go to his profile and press the busuu-energy button to send him some energy in the form of an email that reminds him or her to continue to learn. The button has a sun as logo, matching the language garden concept. A really nice community driven feature.

The second feature is more complex: the Individual Progress Report.

Students get a weekly individualized report via email with a detailed overview of their learning progress. Nothing new, you say? Well, to give it a twist busuu includes a short vocabulary test of your recently learned words. This makes the report not only a motivational tool but a real learning tool!

You will get one report per language that you learn on busuu. So if you are learning Spanish and French you will receive two reports.

The report includes an overall history of your learning process with the units you finished and the vocabulary you learned, shows your position in the ranking of the community, gives you a weekly challenge in which you have to translate vocabulary, shows you a recap of your marked vocabulary and mistakes and finally recommends you what unit to learn next. You can read about all those features in detail on the busuu blog.

For me as an online teacher these are great new features, especially the detailed progress report. As I am always looking for new and motivating ways for my students to learn vocabulary outside of our lessons this is a great addition to it.