Mingleverse launches Facebook Application

Mingleverse, the mix between Skype, a webmeeting and Second Life just launched a Facebook application. As you might remember, I was quite surprised by the audio quality even at the beginning back in November 2009.

Since then Mingleverse have steadily worked on new features and the quality of their product and now they are taking on the social network number one and as Mashable reported yesterday Facebook is responsible for 41 percent of all social media traffic. So, that’s likely to be a move that’ll pay off for Mingleverse in the future.

Some of the recent features of Mingle rooms include a whisper function that lets you chat privately in a room with other attendees and the possibility to stream Justin.TV in the room which could be awesome for watching Andrew Warner’s Mixergy with a bunch of fans and discuss the show live.

Now on to the newest feature, the Facebook app. You might remember my post about Languages Out There which teamed up with Vivox which was the first Facebook chat tool to deliver live sessions for English learners. Now if you did the same in a Mingleverse room you could basically host a real life class there. You can show PowerPoints in the room but also stream YouTube videos and live webcasts of Justin.TV.

And if you take a look on the brief video presentation of the Mingleverse Facebook app below you can see how easy they made it to host a meeting. Not hundreds of loops people need to jump through, simply straight forward.

Hence Mingleverse is still one of the top tools for me and I think you should also keep an eye on. You can follow Mingleverse on Twitter, subscribe to the Mingleverse blog or simply try out their Mingle rooms.