Meet me at Online Educa Berlin 2012

BerlinTaking into consideration that I didn’t plan to attend Online Educa in Berlin this year, it is really funny that now I am not only covering the event for EDUKWEST and Today’s Campus but also ended up as a panelist and learnshop host.

In case you don’t know, Online Educa is one of the biggest conferences in the online education space and takes place in my beloved hometown of Berlin. There are a ton of sessions, keynotes, panels and learnshops going on, and I am really looking forward to mix and mingle with all the education folks from around the world. There is also an exhibition floor where edtech companies, service providers and institutions will be presenting their products and solutions, and I am going to try to cover as much as possible of that part, as well.

You will be able to follow my coverage on EDUKWEST as I will try out a new mobile podcasting tool called Audioboo which I am going to use to give you a quick overview of the sessions I am planning to attend. On top of that there will be recorded video interviews in the weeks to come after the Online Educa, both on EDUKWEST and Today’s Campus.

The two sessions I will take part in are as follows:

The Question Time session follows the popular BBC 4 format with the same name and will be live streamed via the Internet on Thursday. You can submit your questions to the panel either via email or Twitter using the hashtag #OEB12QT.

My learnshop will be about crowdfunding and how teacherpreneurs might benefit from it. As it’s meant to be an interactive / hands-on session I am planning to answer as many questions from the participants as possible besides giving them an overview of the different crowdfunding platforms, basics on how to setup a successful campaign, challenges and risks for both sides involved etc. If you have a specific question you would like me to answer, please submit it to the comments below or send me a Tweet @KirstenWinkler.

Picture by Thomas Wolf, (Eigenes Werk), via Wikimedia Commons

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    Hi Kirsten: Wann bist Du denn in Berlin?

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