Mafia Family is NOT a Twitter Worm – Tweeple are just fly-by-night

Everyone on Twitter seems to be “a bit” annoyed about getting DMs to join the game Mafia World. The message you can read now on Twitter is something like “Mafia Family is a twitter worm. Let ppl know to shut off spam.”

I don’t think that Mafia Family is a Twitter Worm. And I don’t think that the game is the problem. The problem is that the tweeple are thinking that Twitter is detached from the rest of the internet and the basic rules don’t apply.

The problem is: why are you giving away your username and password to a service that writes the T&Cs in small print, dark grey on a black background? If you get a DM “Dude, join me in putting your fingers in the jack!” you go on your knees and join the fun?

Click to enlarge the small print.

Click to enlarge the small print.

Mafia Family offers their T&Cs on the bottom of the login page, as well as a link to not notify your contacts saying “Click here if you don’t wish to invite your contacts automatically“. If it works, I don’t know, because I won’t try it ;).

And what do you expect of a game, based on Twitter? Of course everything you do will be in your time line. Where else?

Therefore: don’t blame some blokes who want to promote their obviously lame game on Twitter, blame yourself or your followers/friends for not being responsible with their private data.

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  • Özcan

    thanks for informative post..One of my followers sent a link to Mafia Family and just few seconds before,I am thinking to visit this site :)

    • KirstenWinkler

      Hey Özcan,
      well, the good thing is, it is really not a worm. It is just annoying. But as I said, what annoys me the most is not the fact that the guys from Mafia Family wrote the links to the T&Cs and the opt out of notifying your contacts so small, it is the fact that still people are blindly accepting and clicking any link they come across without any reflection.
      And you saw, what happens then. All their contacts are automatically on the spam list. If they don't care for their privacy, they should care for the privacy of their contacts.

  • Gita

    I do believe that it is worm. They shouldn't start DM to my followers just because I joined. I never agreed to that. And you can't really find on their website how to switch it off. I had to ask people in twitter to help me get rid of this program.
    If people receive DM from someone they know and it sounds fun, I do join because I trust them. What I didn't know was – they weren't the ones who send that DM and they never agreed to that.

    • KirstenWinkler

      Hi Gita,
      of course, they did not make it obvious because they want to use your account to market their game.
      But as I said, you simply should not give access to your personal date e.g. Twitter username and password no matter to what service before you are not 100% sure what it is about. And if I read something in small letters and dark grey on black, I get suspicious ;).

      • Gita

        The thing is that they have similar game over FaceBook and I didn't thought it would be such a bummer. 😉 Well we learn about those things as we go forward

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  • dave

    What about twitter karma and tweetdeck? Now you have me worried, I did join those two.

    • KirstenWinkler

      Hey Dave,
      TweetDeck is just an application to sort your different Twitter accounts and follow different streams. So no worries about that. Same with Twitter Karma. Dangerous are so called games or sites that promise you to get x followers in y days.

      If you want to learn more about Twitter I recommend

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  • Remove Spyware

    Glad to hear that. I don't dare to accept the invitation of mafia game:)

  • David

    Well unfortunatly I signed up to mafia family. How do I now stop the auto DM’s to my Twitter followers?