Livemocha launches Affiliate Program

As the online learning space 2.0 is going in its third year and hence more stable and predictable Livemocha set up an affiliate program and share 20% of each package sale and even 40% for each subscription.

This could be an interesting opportunity for bloggers in the language learning space to make some extra money.

As you might remember from this blog Myngle launched an affiliate program quite exactly one year ago and my biggest concern was (and still is) that the platform did not partner with a trusted affiliate network. Of course the program changed a bit in the past twelve months, for example you can now earn commission on sales in the Myngle Shop and I think soon on the sales of asynchronous course material.

Livemocha partnered with and although they do not look like one of the top affiliate networks they seem to be in business for at least four years, looking at their awards.

The rules are pretty simple. As mentioned above affiliates will earn 20% commission for every package sold and 40% for every subscription sold. You have to apply at ShareASale and the network will then decide if your website / blog is according to the network rules and of course the rules of Livemocha.

I think we will see some more affiliate programs being established soon, so this might become an interesting revenue stream for bloggers. It could pay for your server costs and a good dinner every month.

Hence, if you are interested click here to subscribe to the Livemocha affiliate program or here to subscribe to the Myngle affiliate program.

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  • experienceadvertising

    Hi Kirsten…nice post. Shareasale is a very reputable affiliate network so you don't have to worry about the tracking or getting paid..just thought I would let you know.

    • KirstenWinkler

      Great to know. Thank you! :)

  • Barrynkilgore

    I am a little confused … you are offering 20% and Livemocha direct only offers 10%, how can this be?

    • KirstenWinkler

      The post is from May 2010 so it seems Livemocha lowered the commission sometime in between.

  • Ryan T

    why no props for