Livemocha gives a Sneak Peak on its upcoming Rosetta Stone Rival

Yesterday Livemocha uploaded a small teaser video of their upcoming Active Courses in Spanish, French, Italian and German.

It seems as if everything is going like they planned it and the courses will be launched this summer as Livemocha and Collins announced back in March.

Of course this video is rather short and we don’t see much of the actual courses but I think the structure will be the same like for the Active English Course Livemocha built in partnership with Pearson.

This is a really interesting trend to watch as to my mind it will change the landscape of online language learning in the coming months. With more and more courses like those of Livemocha, Babbel, Busuu, hello-hello which combine interactive exercises with audio and video plus community activities that offer decent content at a very competitive price I think we will see a decrease in students who choose live lessons with a teacher to start learning a language.

Courses like this are simply more convenient. I can learn when I want, on iPad or using iPhone applications where I want hence I don’t need to schedule lessons with a teacher at a fixed time and of course I can learn much more at a lower price.

I will write a detailed post as I am thinking about and following this trend for a couple of months now. Online teachers should start seeking for higher ground and prepare to fight for the last hill they can hold: individualized conversational lessons in the intermediate to advanced level.