KWestions for Michael Schutzler – the eBay of Language Learning

Sometimes there are slow news weeks and other times you can barely keep up with all what’s happening.

Well, the company of my interview partner for KWestions episode 11 definitely falls under the second one as they introduced a bunch of interesting new features to their language learning community. I always enjoy having a talk with Michael Schutzler, CEO of Livemocha, not only because of his experience as CEO, his extensive knowledge but also due to the fact that he is always open and accessible and shares insights other people prefer better not to share.

In our KWestions we talk about Livemocha’s evolution into the eBay for language learning, really establishing it as a marketplace now starting with the first synchronous element where real tutors correct you exercises in Spanish. Michael always explains how the “tokens”, the currency on livemocha, largely facilitates the whole idea of a worldwide language marketplace. I feel, this was a consequent step to take.

As language learning community are a sector with rather high competition and several players want their part of the pie, livemocha were also actively making partnerships with some well positioned companies. Michael and I specifically talk about the Livemocha Telefonica and the Livemocha goFLUENT partnerships.

It was exciting to catch up on everything that has been happening at their end and I wish you will enjoy listening to Michael’s insights as much as I had fun doing this interview!

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  • Michel Nizon

    Very interesting interview from the very optimistic (american nature?) Mickael Schutzler but its strategy as described in your interview makes me think of a quotation from Seth Godin latest posts extract: “By trying to reach as many as we could, we were never intimate enough to generate conversations that mattered or ideas that spread. “

    • KirstenWinkler

      Communities are built to scale, they need an infinite stream of users. Therefore the common ground cannot be serious language learning, it's more a social glue. Learn some sentences from this or that language, send gifts with a note in the language of the person you send it to etc.

      The social experience is clearly the focus. Nevertheless you can use the tools to actually learn a language, question is how many people are able to stay focused and resist to get suck into the social noise and distraction.

  • Kyungsun

    I especially like the idea that learning a new language in relation with culture. Without understanding the culture of target language there always exist some possibility of misunderstanding. By communicating with real people who speak target language, I can get cultural background of target language.
    Thanks for sharing your interview with us.