KWestions for Daniel Donet – Initiator of

This is my new series interview series called KWestions. The aim is to give you some quick, first hand information directly from the source accompanied by a small blog post.

My first guest is Daniel Donet, Initiator and Coordinator of – Haiti Recovery Accelerator.

Daniel Donet, Barcelona-born is currently working as a volunteer in Belfast , taking a year off from his studies of sociology.

When he heard about the natural cathastrophy in Haiti on TV his first reaction was to travel down there to help on-site but due to his obligations with the volunteer program this was not possible. Being a technology enthusiast and interested in education and learning he then thought what could be done with the means of technology and the internet.

Daniel had the idea to create an online community to connect people with the same interest in helping Haiti and teach one another skills to make a fast recovery possible.

He truly believes that everybody has a special talent or skill that can be helpful to make a faster recovery happen. You don’t need to be a education professional or tech savyy to join the community. Everybody’s contribution is more than welcome.

Please watch my interview with Daniel and think about how you could help

You can follow HaitiReact on Twitter, join the community on or on Facebook. A first meeting will be this coming Sunday, February 14th and you are all welcome to join.

Please spread the word and engage to help the HaitiReact community achieving its goal. Thank you.