KWestions Ep. 25 with William Mougayar of Eqentia – What is Curation?

As we increasingly discuss whether content itself is still what matters or if it wasn’t really context that does, I have been looking deeper into curation and its opportunities in an educational context over the past few months.

Out of that motivation I want to share this KWestions with William Mougayar today. He is the founder Eqentia, a company that built a semantic search platform for web content publishers around key features like data mining, real-time aggregation and advanced curation. As each Equentia site, public or private in the case of many companies, is being curated by one or several experts on a topic and highly customizable, the results go deeper and are in that sense more accurate or relevant if you will than the normal search results google can provide.

Eqentia is also not an automated generator for feeds or news articles but the team and also you yourself as the subject matter expert how William calls it are shaping the experience. What comes out of it is your daily digest with lots of relevant articles including tweets around online education ranging from news around education startups to Higher Ed in my case that I would have missed otherwise in the deluge of news and information I risk of becoming engulfed by every day.

Although my Edcurator on Eqentia is currently private as I use it for my research, I’m going to share selected stories out of it with you in the near future.

I also wrote a guest post on ESL library thinking the opportunities of curation for education that you might want to check out.

If the interview with William leaves open questions on the why or how of curation you’re more than welcome to check back with either of us.

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