KWestions #20 – How Students find their Focus with Nathan Parcells

When I hear of interesting new initiatives with something educational to them I always like to let you know about on KWestions.

After just finishing an interesting EDUKWEST with InternMatch I was happy to hear that they continue innovating and have another way to bring value to their users. This time, Nathan Parcells co-founder and CMO tells us about an exciting new project called ‘Find your Focus’ which spreads beyond their website or even social media but brings a real life experience in form of meet-ups and speeches to college and university students.

The ‘Find your Focus’ initiative invites a successful entrepreneur or other high executive on campus where they give a speech about their careers and how they have come to what they’re doing today, what they learnt, maybe what didn’t went that well.

The best thing is of course to always experience things yourself but I think this project might actually help students come closer to a career they might not even have thought of before and also to see that it’s not always a linear way which lets you achieve something.
For the moment these speeches are West Coast centered and you can find the first two recordings on the InternMatch blog. The third meet-up will take place at Stanford very shortly.

I highly appreciate when companies are doing something innovative that has to do with their business but is social and might not convert into business immediately but builds their brand and helps customer establish strong customer relations!

And to complete my summary I will not detain that you also get a glimpse of my own career and activities prior to education 2.0 if that’s what you’re looking for.

To give you a better idea of the Find your Focus series you can watch the first talk by Dave Schappell of TeachStreet ,which we mentioned in the KWestions, below.

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