Henry Reich Minute Physics

Kirstradamus: Henry Reich of Minute Physics will join Khan Academy

Henry Reich Minute PhysicsAs I have been pretty busy with working on EDUKWEST up to now, I did not had the time to write down some predictions for 2012. But better late than never! Here is my first look into the future.

Salman Khan is going to make an offer to Henry Reich, the creator of Minute Physics to join the faculty of Khan Academy. Probably, this will happen in the first quarter of 2012, latest by June.

Why do I predict this?

As Audrey Watters reported this week on Hack Education, Vi Hart, mathemusician and the creator of a very successful YouTube channel about Math & doodling has joined the Khan Academy faculty.

Vi Hart’s videos are very unique as she doodles her way through complex subjects. I really suggest you check her work out, the one below is just one out of many great videos.

Interestingly, we wanted to invite Vi to a new show on EDUKWEST that is currently in the works and wants to showcase great educators on YouTube. She wrote on her bio page (which is now updated) that she really wanted to make these videos fulltime and that it would be great if someone donated enough money to make that possible.

Well, apparently that someone is Sal Khan. Which leads me to another interesting thought. Maybe the Khan Academy is not so much an academy / online university but becomes more of a foundation, enabling educators to do what they do best, regardless of their background. But more on that in a different post.

Back to my prediction. There is a ton of great educational content out there on YouTube, and Henry Reich’s Minute Physics is definitely in the top ten. Like Vi he currently cannot make a full time income from his videos according to what he told me in our EDUKWEST interview. Hence, he would be a perfect “target” for the Khan Academy.