Keep what you got

Keep what you got by giving it all away

If I’d tell you that the goal of every tutor is the success of her student you had to agree. The thing is that many tutors artificially hold back their students based on the fear of missing out. Revenue that is.

As a solopreneur you need to maximise the financial outcome of your client, therefore trying to keep the student for as long as possible, for as many sessions as possible. Helping the student to learn faster by pointing her to other learning options or peer learning sites therefore seems to be counter productive.

The thing is that tutors who want to build a solid business need to take this leap of faith and try to help their students to achieve their goals as quick and effective as possible. We are now living in a so called instant gratification society, learning is expected to be effortless, fun and lead to results in a very short period of time. This means learners also get bored and frustrated more quickly than they used to just a couple of years ago.

On the other hand, tutors who are able and willing to consult their clients on the best learning methods and products besides their live sessions will have an advantage in building lasting relationships and an edge over the ones who don’t.