Jason Calacanis New YouTube Deal

Jason Calacanis: How to make YouTube sustainable for Content Creators

Today something for the entrepreneurial educator to think about.

As regular readers of this blog probably know, I started my first educational YouTube channel in 2008. It was around the same time Salman Khan of Khan Academy started his which we all know would become such a success a few years later.

There were a few others, but the online education community was far less interconnected and educators with YouTube channels were in many aspects aliens in the system. On the one hand, I think it a good thing that I eventually hear more about the creation of video and its implementation in lessons in the education space. On the other hand, things have fundamentally changed since then, and the YouTube landscape is so much more competitive today.

If you are planning to become a success on YouTube, both in terms of viewers and revenue, chances are that you won’t cut through the noise these days. Sure, people claim to have developed formulas to create viral content but especially in the education space it would probably take one to two miracles to create a video that gets millions of views.

I also wrote about the stakes getting higher in terms of production quality. A webcam or shaky iPhone video are in most cases not enough anymore, unless you are such a captioning on-screen personality that people don’t care.

My friend Jason Calacanis was one of the content producers who got into YouTube’s partner program that invested into new show formats last year. When he got the offer to renew this partnership this year he declined. What followed was a blog post and lots of social media chatter.

To better understand his reasonings, Jason gave a very interesting presentation at VidCon in which he explains in detail why the (rumored) 45% cut that YouTube takes from the display ads is bad for content creators and the ecosystem in general. He also proposes a new deal and alternatives to video creators which makes his presentation a must watch for everyone who thinks about getting serious with monetization of online video content.

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