italki reworks SpeakENG offer – adds Sampler and Levels

Language learning community / marketplace italki reworked its flagship product, the Eleutian SpeakENG course by adding different levels and the SpeakENG Sampler.

The new SpeakENG Sampler consists of an assessment test to assess the current level of English of the individual learner. The score is also equivalent to the TOEFL and TOEIC score which is of course very helpful for those who are planning to use the SpeakENG courses in order to prepare for one of those certifications.

The learner will also get access to the first lesson of each SpeakENG course. Another helpful mean to determine which level is best for the personal needs of the learner.

After the learner assessed the level he/she can now choose between 7 levels from 99 Beginner English to 303 Advanced English. A level consists of 10 to 15 lessons based on the Pearson English Learning and Instruction Sysytem, a 15 minute live session with a certified teacher based in America and is valid for three months.

If wanted learners can purchase extra live sessions or a one year subscription that includes all levels of the SpeakENG course.

I think breaking up the course into different levels and offering and online assessment test is a good idea. As it also has a positive effect on the pricing, one level costs $15 USD / 150 ITC, it should drive sales of the product.

italki Blog about the SpeakENG Sampler | italki Blog about SpeakENG Levels

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  • chinamike

    Not bad. You can go from Beginner to advanced in 105 lessons. Considering that most lessons are self-paced I figure that someone somewhere has discovered the essence of MAGIC and bottled it with this program.

    • KirstenWinkler

      Well, that's what all courses are actually offering. Imagine a company that brings out a course that says “in 10 years from absolute beginner to advanced. practice only 2 hours a day” :).

      Courses like this can be side dishes or appetizers. They are important but no substitude for a teacher.

      • chinamike

        Actually those companies (minus the 2 hours per day) actually exist. We just call them public schools. :)

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