iphone 5s fingerprint sensor

Apple iPhone 5S Event Invitation clearly indicates Fingerprint Sensor

Normally I don’t join the rumor mill before “major” tech events but interpreting art has always fascinated me. Pundits were quick to point out that the colors on the invitation indicated the new line of cheaper iPhone 5Cs. But none of the folks I follow apparently thought about why Apple chose “bubbles” as pattern.

To me it became obvious immediately that the bubbles represent the iPhone’s (and iPad’s) signature home button. And what is so important about it that you need to put it on the invite? The rumored iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor, of course.

Up to now the solutions for this kind of security on the market are either clunky, don’t work properly or you need to swipe your finger across a sensor. Wouldn’t it be great if you could only unlock your device by pressing the home button, just like you do anyway?

This would also be a pretty strong feature to drive sales of a device that will probably look not much different from the current iPhone 5 and also won’t have new exciting features otherwise. Maybe a better camera, maybe a better battery or faster processor. But fingerprint security would (will) be something other device makers currently don’t offer and therefore needed to catch up with Apple once again.

Today VentureBeat shared a leaked picture of the iPhone 5S packaging and points out that the home button looks kind of different. Another indicator.

Finally the sentence “this should brighten everyone’s day” probably indicates that Apple is going to release a line of devices at the event that has something for everyone. Cheaper and colorful iPhones for the masses and high-end, fingerprint security enabled iPhone 5S’ for the pundits.