How to not use Twitter

Sometimes I get suprised by somebody I thought he could not suprise me anymore. After the “Hot Teacher” Affaire followed by the “Toilet Man” Fiasco I thought Myngle would have learned how not to do marketing.

Today I received the following tweet:

Sure, 300 new followers, a microwave plus the chance to see Michael Jackson (a)live in London. But ok, as I am curious I clicked the link that would get me to the Twitter Train!

On the main page, you will read the following

Twitter Train is the only place to expand your Twitter followers. Its FREE to join so you have nothing to loose by giving it a go.

I thought you would expand your follower list by

1. Add value to Twitter by sharing useful information
2. Following people you are interested in and get followed back by them
3. Not spamming Tweeple

And, au contraire, there is a lot to lose (watch my spelling). Your real followers, for example and your professionalism of course by tweeting “I need more followers, no matter how!”

When you login you will be taken to a screen with other Twitter users, on here you follow the members and then get added to the front of the train for the next 40 visitors to follow.

Cool, snowball system style. Follow all the small egos who paid for getting followed plus some random dudes. Then we will deliver random dudes to you! Yay!

Remember VIP members get tons more followers because they stay on the train all day, so make sure you become a VIP member.

Yes, and don’t forget to pay! Because VIP members get tons of random dudes every single day! Your ego will grow exponentially!

But wait, it is getting better. Click on the “I agree with the rules” and you will read

* You have to add all vip users and 20 regular users to join the train.
* We may use your account to promote our services, with the exception of VIP account.
* An update will be posted on your account upon signing in, You can delete anytime.
* The fee for VIP is non-refundable.

I did not join – OF COURSE NOT – so I cannot tell you how many VIP users there are. But giving permission to someone to use my Twitter account to deliver HIS marketing spam is really – for the lack of a better word – STUPID. And on the other hand paying to get random followers just to blow up your ego is … exactly, the same.

Therefore, dear Myngle management: whoever is responsible for this new marketing desaster (and it has the handwriting of Toilet Man) – please get rid of this person.

One teacher already mentioned it a couple of times in the forum: you represent us, the teachers with what you do and how you do it. So please get someone who knows what he/she is doing or just leave it.

P.S. If you really need more followers, try services like MrTweet. Or, even better, tweet daily but remember 80/20: 80% useful information 20% marketing your services. You could even ask some of your Myngle teachers out there. Most of them do a really great job!

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  • koichi

    chugga chugga choo choo!

  • Aniya

    Ooops….I have often thought whoever is tweeting for Myngle does NOT know what they are doing, did you ever see the tweet from them? “Twitter is a waste of time” or something to that extent, well it would be if these are the sort of tweets they are coming out with…IMHO it would be better to NOT tweet at all at this rate, but as you said perhaps one of the teachers could do it, btw who would you be referring to? I don't actually know many Myngle teachers who know how to Twitter either? So who does that leave? lol I woke up really sarcastic this morning hihi forgive me oh mighty one 😉

  • MissShonah

    I'm a little lost for words – I think the previous two comments have wrapped it up in a nice neat little package. Great to see all those innovative ideas to hype up the marketing have been put into really productive use (insert sarcastic tone here)…It makes me wonder where do the teachers fit into the plan – at the moment they seem superfluous to the whole operational system… :-(

  • Shelly

    I often forgive the first “gain more followers…” type of tweet because I have had some services automatically post to my Twitter account. However, if I see a few more tweets like this I remove the user. You got it right! To attract more followers tweet quality content and respond to others.
    I'm quite disturbed by this Myngler, though, because they represent me as a teacher. I know you will be able to relate on how a company's image takes a long time to be crafted but can be destroyed quite easily. Why would the company allow this nonsense to continue when the online image is so important to Mynlge teachers! If these teachers who are jokesters do not take the job seriously then they can join the several millions of other social sites that will consider their antics quite humorous and will not selfishly hurt the reputation of other teachers trying to make an honest living.

  • KirstenWinkler

    Morning guys and thanks for your comments.
    First of all a little update: Myngler deleted the Twitter Train message last evening. This can mean three things: first and also better option they stopped using this “service” , second they just deleted the message or third they are VIP members now.

    As Myngler still has 400 followers the train seems to be late ;).

    Anyway, I appreciate your comments. Lets hope that the responsibles at Myngle take the whole thing serious enough to change something.

    And Aniya, any teacher would do it better and no, you don't have the time to do it :).

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  • euroasia

    you're right. the key with twitter is not just to get more followers, but more followers interested in what you have to tweet about, which in our case is language and culture.

  • KirstenWinkler

    Ok, Myngler gained one follower since yesterday. But the parrot tweets the train message.

    That could mean that Myngle did what they always do: start something but did not finish :). Maybe it was too hard to add all the “VIP” users. Unfortunately Myngle gave Twitter Train the right to use their account to send us those interesting tweets about how to gain 300 followers a day.

    • Egbert

      Hi all,

      This is Egbert from Myngle. Thank you for pointing this out to us. Something went wrong here as it was not the intention of our Myngler to tweet this. We will find out and take the necessary steps to prevent this from happening again.

      Apologies for the inconvenience and have a nice weekend.


      • KirstenWinkler

        Hi Egbert,

        thanks for joining the talk. Well, I can somehow understand the intention – to get more followers and spread the word about Myngle – but the way is absolutely wrong!

        I mean you have a marketing manager on Myngle who should be responsible for your strategy, right? And I suppose you pay this person to do a good job. As Shelly pointed out you can easily destroy your reputation you build up over weeks and months by just on tweet. The internet does not forget.

        Just make sure you or your responsible manager uses this tool right. just released a great Twitter guide, worth reading it.

        • Egbert

          Hello Kirsten,

          Our Myngler did not tweet this. We are investigating what happened. Lots of people are the victim of the same as you can see here:

          Greetings from Amsterdam

          • KirstenWinkler

            Well, someone must have entered the username and password on this site. Otherwise only another service you use with Twittername and password could have transfered your data to Twitter Train which is the less probable, I think.

            As you can see in the “Rules”: with signing up to this “service” you grant Twitter Train the right to use your account for their tweets. I don't doubt that your Myngler did not tweet the Twitter Train Advert, it is automatic now by the Twitter Train API but I doubt that someone at Myngle did not sign up for the account ;).

            You should use the “Click HERE to stop tweeting” button to remove your account from the list and change your Twitter Password to be sure.

  • KirstenWinkler

    Nice, just received to more tweets from Myngler about the Twitter Train:

    “RT – Choo Choo, All Aboard the Twitter Train – http://short.LA/8yro


    “RT – 200 new followers in a day – http://short.LA/8yro

    I think you are not taking this serious enough 😉

    • Egbert

      We always take matters like these serious. We had to do some tests which unfortunately generated these 2 tweets.

      Should be solved now.

      • KirstenWinkler

        Cross your fingers Egbert :)

  • KirstenWinkler

    Just received a tweet that Myngler is in control again. We will see :)

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