How to Create Educational Videos for YouTube

Kirsten talks about the importance of YouTube for online teachers a lot these days. Of course not everyone of you will feel comfortable in front of a camera or maybe you simply don’t know how to start, e.g. what tools you might need to create a video.

Well, the good news is that YouTube recently partnered with three video creating tools which make it really easy even for absolute beginners in video editing or animation to create stunning videos. The bad news, there are no excuses anymore to not start an education series on YouTube.

There are basically three types of videos that work best.

  1. You as a teacher explain some rules like grammar or math.
  2. Simple vocabulary videos, flashcard style.
  3. Short stories with either grammar or vocabulary explanation.

One of the first videos I edited for Kirsten’s Deutsch Happen channel in May 2008 was based on pictures. The backgrounds are simply pictures from the public domain, something like the stage for the two characters. Those were drawn by Kirsten in the Common Craft Style, then scanned and edited on the backgrounds. The script was then recorded and combined with the pictures using the good old Windows Movie Maker.

Although the process is pretty basic you need of course a basic understanding of graphic, video and sound editing tools to create such a video.

The other option is of course the classic one, using either your webcam or any other video camera to film yourself and then a video editing tool like Windows Movie Maker to edit.

But, as I said at the beginning, now you have the possibility to pick one of three different video creation tools directly on the YouTube platform.

All you have to do is log in to your YouTube account and then go to – You will see three different tools to create videos.


GoAnimate is a tools which enables you to create cartoons. The characters can be modified to your needs, animated, set in different scenarios. For the voices you can either use an inbuilt text-to-speech tool or, even better, record your own voice. This is of course even better if you can get your friends, family or colleagues to play the different roles. It’s basically your own little Disney / Pixar studio.

Xtranormal Movie Maker

Basically the same as for GoAnimate applies to Xtranormal. The scenes here are a bit more static than in GoAnimate but you can switch camera angles to make them more vivid.


Stupeflix will animate pictures and videos into a great looking video slide show. This is great for vocabulary learning videos, showing a picture of the vocabulary and then adding the text in the description.

There you have it. If I only had those tools back in 2008 ;). Now, what you are waiting for? I want to see some videos!

  • Amitash

    They are free but they charge some credits and as soon as the credits are exhausted, you have to pay. However, GoAnimate is better among the lot.

  • MediaCAST

    Video is a great tool in the classroom and has been proven to increase student retention. Every teacher should incorporate videos into their lessons – and if they have the ability to make their own to suit their exact needs, even better!

  • Candace Alstad-Davies

    I happen to stumble upon you blog… it is wonderful by the way. Just recently I have thought about using video for my business and your information has helped a lot. Have a great day!

  • Jose Fotografia

    Good post! I use this site to create educational videos

  • Jim Kayle

    Video is a good tool in the classroom and has been proven to boost
    student retention. Every teacher should incorporate videos within their
    lessons – and if they’ve the capability to make their own to match their
    exact needs, better still!