Example Events

Below you will find examples and reviews of some of the events and conferences I spoke or moderated at.

Anglais: Que peut encore l’école? Paris 2013

Anglais: Que peut encore l'école? Anglais: Que peut encore l'école?

Moderation of the Anglais: Que Peut encore l’école? Conference by Agence CLE on the state and role of English language education in France. Animation of five French startups pitching their products or services that help students learn English and a roundtable discussion with experts from different backgrounds, teachers, a representative of the ministry of education and other official bodies.

EDUKWEST also provided media coverage of the conference.

EducationInvestor Summit London 2013

Education Investor Summit 2013

Presenter of the workshop The Trends in B2C Online Education together with Sebastian Peck and Timothy Farnell of Macmillan Digital Education.

Startup Weekend London EDU 2013

Startup Weekend London EDU 2013 Startup Weekend London EDU 2013

Mentoring the teams at Startup Weekend London Education throughout the weekend and help them shape their ideas as well as training them on how to pitch the audience and judges on Sunday evening.

Part of an expert panel to answer the teams’ questions, share our experiences and opinions on some of the trends in online learning and how to build a business.

Online Educa Berlin 2012

Online Educa Berlin 2012 Online Educa Berlin 2012

Media coverage of Online Educa Berlin 2012 in form of video / audio interviews and live tweeting.

Panelist of Graham Stanleys OEB live internet radio show on opportunities and challenges education is faced with. Presenter of a workshop about the opportunities of crowdfunding for education /educators.

Thank you again for the wonderful session you gave on crowdfunding Friday. That was one of the finest sessions I attended during the conference. – Daniel Stern

This Week in Startups Paris Meetup 2011

This Week in Startups Paris Meetup This Week in Startups Paris Meetup

Organizer of the This Week in Startups Paris Meetup events. An evening with French startups selected by Kirsten Winkler, pitching US entrepreneur and angel investor Jason Calacanis and Tyler Crowley for their webcast This Week in Startups.

All it takes is one great leader in the community to make things happen. Kirsten is very selfless about it. I met her, just a wonderful, delightful person who came to London to meet with us, hard working and just does it for the love of the startups and for the love of the community. This is why we do it, so she is sort of one of our people. – Jason Calacanis

Speexx Exchange 2011 Cologne

Speexx Exchange 2011 Speexx Exchange 2011

Event moderation for the first Speexx Exchange Cologne conference and workshop. Moderating expert presentations on Business English, best practices, benchmarking and the following round table discussion.