Consulting and Advising

Through the years I have talked to hundreds of education technology entrepreneurs and have seen edtech startups rise and often fall. My work as edtech blogger gave me valuable insights about the inner workings of successful startups and also made me aware of the mistakes most edtech founders make in the early phases of their ventures.

I only join startups I believe in and that are in line with my personal mission of enhancing the education landscape in a meaningful way. I love to work with the founders of early stage edtech startups and help to shape their ideas and concepts but also join later stage ventures to work on a specific task, usually in the content and social media space.

My core strengths are in

  • Education Technology
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Content Creation & Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Pitching
  • Brand Building
  • Storytelling
  • Networking

Here are some of the startups and established brands I have worked with over the years.

goFLUENT OpenLanguage Ginger Software
english360 Sparkeo Glovico
Today's Campus