Grockit launches Grockit TV – Live Streamed Classes

A couple of weeks ago I would have never thought that classic subject matters like math or SAT / GRE prep would drive innovation in the online education space.

But after talking to Rohit Agarwal of TenMarks and today’s launch of Grockit TV, I have to say I was too pessimistic.

I will have a indepth interview with Rohit in the coming weeks, so I won’t focus on their awesome product today, but on Grockit.

Grockit is on a roll at the moment. They attracted a $7 million funding round in May, hired a new CEO from Google and now this: Grockit TV.

Grockit TV will stream live classes in HD from top instructors on various topics from SAT/GRE to writing, reading and calculus. Everyone can watch the classes live online for free. Downloads of the videos will apparently cost between $99 during the course to $149 after the course.

According to TechCrunch, a course consists of several sessions which sum up to about 20 hours, hence the pricing is not per single video but for a complete course on a specific topic. I find this truly amazing.

The social aspect seems to play a keyrole here. Again, according to TechCrunch, students invite their friends via Twitter or Facebook for a live study session which results in a double digit number of people coming to Grockit per single share. There are also plans to widen the topics from test prep to K12 academic classes an others.

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