#followfriday 12-03-2010 @tofugu

Today’s #followfriday recommendation goes to Koichi Ko, in this case to his Tofugu account.

As I wrote last week, Koichi is filming an interactive travel show in Japan and I think this is yet again a brilliant idea from one of my favorite edupreneurs.

If you follow Koichi on Twitter you will of course get updates on his travel but the really cool thing is that the audience will have the chance to vote on where Koichi is going. There is a detailed description of the project on the Tofugu blog, link below this blog post.

Therefore, to make this trip for Koichi and us, his viewers, as engaging and fun as possible you should definitely join the Tofugu tribe and take control over Koichi’s destiny. Btw, the first vote is already up and the options are rather interesting ;).

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