#followfriday 09-10-2010 @Livemocha

And today’s #followfriday goes to Livemocha. I know, I know, I have been ranting about their Twitter strategy in several posts but that has changed quite a bit.

For a couple of weeks Livemocha is doing a great job with Twitter and hence they really deserve to be followed by anyone interested in language learning.

Of course, Livemocha is not reinventing the wheel for company Twitter strategies but the execution is really neat. Similar to Rosetta Stone, Livemocha offers a mix of answering and engaging people in the trenches, links to interesting articles and, of course, info about their own service.

But other than Rosetta Stone, Livemocha seems to speak the language of their younger audience which of course makes the company much more approachable to them. I really like this style as it shows a good understanding of Livemocha’s audience. Plus it makes the stream fun to read :).

Therefore, if you would like to receive some interesting links about languages follow Livemocha on Twitter.

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