#followfriday 08-27-2010 @awaldstein

Today’s #followfriday goes to a person, or should I say personality?

I am following Arnold Waldstein’s tweets and blog for about two weeks now only but I can’t imagine how I could have lived without his tweets. [/pathos]

Joking aside, Arnold Waldstein is hands down one of the most interesting people I met on Twitter so far.

Before I tell you more about Arnold, let me do a quick shout out to Twittercounter because thanks to their widget which you can see on the right side of this blog and that shows me my recent visitors coming via Twitter, I found this rare gem. In fact in the past week Twittercounter helped me to get in contact with three great people in online education who I would have missed otherwise. Hence, if you have a blog or website go to Twittercounter.com, set up an account with your Twitter and implement the widget to your website.

But back to Arnold Waldstein. He is one of the guys I would love to meet in real life as soon as there is a possibility. On his blog he writes about the social web, new markets, brands and wine. Yes, Arnold is a wine afficionado. He also is a talented photographer and if you follow him you will get links to great pictures he shoots in NYC.

If you know me a bit you’ll likely find that it seems as if Arnold and I have a lot in common and hence it is natural that I like his tweets. But even without this connection, I think he is simply creating great content on his blog and hence would be worth following for his thoughts on the business side alone. If you are then into wine, good food and photography you will have even more fun, like I do.

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  • http://arnoldwaldstein.com awaldstein

    Hi Kirsten…and thanks for the post and for connecting and the very kind words.

    I'm in Europe in October to meet with people working in socialTV, relax some and go to the Euro Wine Bloggers conference in Vienna.

    I'll ping you when I know my schedule and if I pass through Paris, would be great to meet.

    • http://kirstenwinkler.com KirstenWinkler

      Hi Arnold. That would be really awesome :).