#followfriday 08-13-2010 @RosettaStone

I think today’s company needs no further introduction: Rosetta Stone.

Yesterday they announced a new way for their clients to interact with them on Facebook and we will go into more detail about this in another post but let me explain why I think you should follow them on Twitter, especially when you are into languages, of course.

@RosettaStone offers its followers an interesting mix of company news and links to interesting articles about, you guessed right, languages. You will learn a lot about languages that are close to extinction, a matter that has a high priority on Rosetta Stone’s agenda it seems, or you learn about English slang words of the 17th century.

Another positive note is that the team that takes care of the account and is actually “in the trenches” engaging with their audience hence if you tweet at or about them you will most likely get an answer.

Therefore, if you love languages and stories about them you should absolutely follow Rosetta Stone on Twitter. Again, the account is not spammy, you can expect about 4 or 5 messages a day which is absolutely fine.

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