First Look at – Nixty

Apparently a new LMS / WLA called Nixty launched today. Nixty is aiming to empower education for everyone by offering simple to use tools for teachers to create multimedia enabled courses.

From a first look I’d say whereas Sclipo, Supercool School and Udemy have a broad approach in topics Nixty seems to be more focused on the classic education topics you would learn in school, college or university.

The site itself is very minimal in design which is always nice for an educational platform. Below you can watch a small video on how to create a new lesson on Nixty, showing the different features available.

Similar to Udemy and WiZiQ Nixty is going for a commission based business model taking 20% of the revenue for paid courses. Public courses which are not charged for by the teacher are free to build.

At the launch there are about 200 courses of universities on the platform available.

One of the ideas behind Nixty seems to be to enable students from across the globe to study virtually at an US university / college and therefore having the same opportunities without actually leaving their home country.

I did not see a live component / virtual classroom at the first glance.

As always I will try to get in touch with the founders and learn more about the product.

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  • George Machlan

    Thanks for the “heads up”. Will look forward to your investigation.

  • Glen

    Kirsten, thank you for the post and the tweet. I'd love to connect. You can reach me at glen at nixty dot com.

    • KirstenWinkler

      Already sent you an email yesterday ;). Looking forward talking to you soon!

  • Zorge

    Wow, you are great, you always put great news and information on our blog

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