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Nice coincidence. Today I got a new Twitter follower called @Mingoville. When I checked out their website I was quite amazed. is a free online community plus virtual world for kids to learn English.

A great use of Social Media strategies, matches perfectly today’s #Edchat Social Media topics.

The whole Mingoville World seems to be populated by flamingos. As on other websites where kids can learn online there are lots of different games to play. You can earn coins which can be used to buy clothing and accessories for the avatar.

And here it gets really interesting. Mingoville has also a virtual world where the kids can go and talk with each other in English. Web 2.0, or Social Media as it is called these days ;), for kids.

So coming back to the two Social Media questions of today’s Edchat on Twitter:

Social Media is growing and becoming commonplace in our society today. What role should it play in Education?

Many Districts ban social media from their computers. Should Social media be opened to teachers and students for collaboration?

I think this product is a very good example where education is moving towards. Actually I think I will get myself an account on Mingoville. This looks like lots of fun!

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  • Miina

    wow, this Mingoville is fantastic. Tried it out with my son Luiz who is 7 and he loved it. I could not get him to bed he just wanted to play with the Flamingos…. my biggest concern is for this comming weekend. We are going on a hiking trip, with no internet, so Luiz cannot play Mingoville.

  • vickidhiman

    Nice! They even have a multi-lingual interface it seems.

    This sort of thing would obviously be very catchy and great fun learning experience.

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  • Platform Beds

    Is this a Facebook application?